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Magic Touch
Massage, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Massage

Located at 8247 W Imperial Dr., Franklin WI a suburb of Milwaukee WI

Welcome to Magic Touch

Indulge and renew your senses with a full body swedish massage.  If you are experiencing work stress, high anxiety levels, depression, muscle fatigue, poor body fluid circulation etc, then the massage services will assist to help reconnect your mind, body and spirit. 

Most Americans know that massage therapy can help relieve stress and pain, reduce blood pressure and boost the circulatory system.  More people are trying massage for the first time. 

The most popular are the Swedish Massage:  The most common type of massage, to relax and energize you. 

Deep Tissue Massage:  From muscle damage from an injury, such as whiplash or back strain. 

Sports Massage:  To help prevent athletic injury, keep the body flexible and heal the body should injury occur. 

Chair Massage:  Massage of the upper body, while fully clothed and seated in a portable chair.

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